Tom Kelly self-published Tenth Legion in 1973.  He created this masterpiece of Wild Turkey literature by recording into a portable dictation machine while working in the woods.  His wife Helen, transcribed his words into a book that has become the Bible of Wild Turkey hunting.  The book has not changed in the past 51 years, even if the dust covers have had many different looks.

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About The Author

Thomas Henry Kelly Jr., born May 15, 1927 in Mobile, Alabama.

Tom spent his youth on the Needle Coast as they called the salt flats in and around Mobile Bay. Tom joined the United States Navy at the age of 17. He wanted to be part of America’s military. He became an aerial gunner and international morse code operator. The war ended and Tom went on to Auburn University to obtain a degree in Forestry. 

During his years as a forester, Tom often wrote short stories about wild turkeys and turkey hunting. His wife, Helen, suggested that he put those ideas into a book. In 1973 Tom self-published Tenth Legion, which has come to be known as the “Bible of wild turkey hunting.”

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