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Tom Kelly, Inc.

Tenth Legion, 50th Anniversary Edition

Tenth Legion, 50th Anniversary Edition

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Tenth Legion, 50th Anniversary Edition

Tom Kelly self-published Tenth Legion in 1973.  He created this masterpiece of Wild Turkey literature by recording into a portable dictation machine while working in the woods.  His wife Helen, transcribed his words into a book that has become the Bible of Wild Turkey hunting.  The book has not changed in the past 50 years, even if the dust covers have had many different looks. 

This 50th Anniversary edition comes with a new one hour DVD titled, "Meet Tom Kelly', a Lucky Tom Kelly Coin and a Lucky Wild Turkey Feather.  The book stays the same as Colonel Kelly wrote it now more than 50 years ago. 

This edition is dedicated to the troops.

Copyright Tom Kelly 1973

Copyright Tom Kelly Inc. 2012

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