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Tom Kelly, Inc.

A Fork in the Road (2007)

A Fork in the Road (2007)

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A Fork In The Road, 2007 by Tom Kelly is the 11th edition of Wild Turkey essays. This time Tom has written a “How To” book about Wild Turkey hunting. He wanted to get down on paper and on DVD his methods of hunting. The book includes, setting up in the woods, equipment, calling, map reading, the mosquito machine, patterning your shotgun and….so much more.

Tom wrote the book for young people who are just getting in to the sport. However, old veterans of Wild Turkey butt whippings will learn a great deal from the Colonel and his 70 years of hunting experience.

Tom wanted to help the boy or girl who is let out of the pickup at dark thirty and is told by their dad, “Go down and sit by the big oak. I will be back at 9am.” The kid has no idea what to do while sitting there for 3 hours, What to listen for or where to look. Tom Kelly knows and tells you how to do it in 124 pages.

Copyright Tom Kelly Inc. 2007

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